Wire carried in the roll (circles), put in stacks of up to 2 m solid rows of the image with a slight bias towards the end, set at the beginning of the stack. In the lower layer of the extreme circles of wire along the generatrix reliably podklinivayut.
Scrap metal and iron, bulk, stacked in piles with the help of special lifting devices - grab, lifting electromagnets.

Non-ferrous metals stored in packaged form. Install steadily on top of each other, if necessary, use a gasket, which shall not exceed the size of the stack.

When the piece storing packaged piece of cargo in the stack put boxes the same shape and size. Extreme series of boxes to be for greater sustainability to establish a small slope into the stacks. Boxes weighing up to 100 kilograms put in such a way that every 1.5 m height around the perimeter of the stack formed shoulder width of at least 1.3 m. For the sustainability of every 1,5 m should be stacked pads across the surface of the stack. If the mass of boxes, more than 100 kg, height of the stack can be as high as 6 m, provided the device ledges every 2 m. In the storage boxes on open space recommended upper two - four rows of piles stowed in the form of a truncated pyramid with ledges in each row.
Height of the stack with finding their people in the formation or dissolution of the stack should not exceed 4 m. In the formation and dissolution of stacks mechanized way to the height set on the basis of the technical capabilities of the mechanisms provided to ensure safety of cargo and containers. Yaschichnye goods in packages formed on flat trays, set in the stack of stacks on top of each other. After the third tier along the length of the stack do shoulder at 0.5 package, but with the sides - one package.

In all ways of storage should be provided with free access to any stack, as well as the stability of the stack as a whole and for each box separately.


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